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Dennis Sharp CICA Awards for Architectural: Shortlist

The International Committee of Architectural Critics (CICA) presents its shortlist of titles for the 2020 Awards in the following four categories:

CICA Bruno Zevi Book Award 2020

Barsac, Jacques: Charlotte Perriand: Complete Works, Volume 4, 1968-1999,
Scheidegger & Spiess, Zurich 2019.

Berger, Alan; Kotkin, Joel (eds.); Guzman, Celina Balderas (cont.): Infinite Suburbia, Princeton Architectural Press, Princeton 2017.

Blau, Eve; Rupnik, Ivan: Baku: Oil and Urbanism, Park Books, Zurich 2019.
Carpo, Mario: The Second Digital Turn: Design Beyond Intelligence, MIT Press, Cambridge 2017.

Eigen, Edward: On Accident: Episodes in Architecture and Landscape, MIT Press, Cambridge 2018.

Vassallo, Jesús: Epics in the Everyday: Photography, Architecture, and the Problem of Realism, Park Books, Zurich 2020.

Verde Zein, Ruth: Critical Readings, Romano Guerra and Nhamerica Press, Sao Paulo, Austin 2019.

CICA Julius Posener Exhibition Catalogue Award 2020

Alonso, Pedro Ignacio; Palmarola, Hugo (eds.): Flying Panels: How Concrete Panels Changed the World, ArkDes, Stockholm, 2019.

Gonzales de Canales, Francisco: Rafael Moneo, Una reflexión teórica desde la profesión – Materiales de archivo (1961- 2016).

Vrachliotis, Georg; Kleinmanns, Joachim; Kunz, Martin; Kurz, Philip (eds.): Frei Otto: Thinking by Modeling, Spector Books, Leipzig, 2017.

CICA Pierre Vago Journalism Award 2020

Ciarkowski, Blażej: Holidays with Totalitarianisms, Herito #29, International Cultural Centre, Kraków 2017.

Ho, Miriam; Jones, Ruth; O’Carroll, Aisling (eds.): Deviant Devices, SITE #40, The Site Magazine, Toronto 2019.

Iturbe, Elisa: Architecture and the Death of Carbon Modernity, Log #47, Anyone Corporation, New York 2019.

Kamin, Blair: An Incredible Transformation? Not Really, Chicago Tribune, Tribune Publishing, Chicago 2018.

Kimmelman, Michael: Is This the Neighbourhood New York Deserves? The New York Times, The New York Times Company, New York 2019.

Mollard, Manon: Form Follows Failure, Architectural Review, EMAP Publishing Ltd., London 2019.

Mrduljaš, Maroje: Between Ecology and Spectacle, Oris #117, Oris House for Architecture, Zagreb 2020.

Murphy, Jack: Hyperreferential Architecture, Paprika!, Yale School of Architecture, New Haven 2019.

O’Toole, Shane: Identity Check, Architectural Review, EMAP Publishing Ltd., London 2019.

Tuomey, John: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth: Reading the Plan of Ronchamp, Arq: Architectural Research Quarterly, Vol. 23, Issue 1, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2019.

CICA Marina Waisman Digital Communication Award 2020

Casciato, Maristella; Fox, Gary; Rochester, Katherine: Bauhaus: Building the New Artist, The Getty Research Institute, https://www.getty.edu/research/

Chousein, Berrin Chatzi (ed.): World Architecture Community, https://worldarchitecture.org/

Morley, Jack B. (ed.): The Architect’s Newspaper, https://www.archpaper.com/
Paolo Mosco, Valerio; Scelsi, Valter; Ferrando, Davide T.: Viceversa, https://viceversamagazine.com/

If you want to download the CICA Awards 2020 Shortlist Release please click on this link.

The International Jury

Wilfried Wang (Chair, Germany/USA) Fernando Diez (Argentina)
Karen Eicker (South Africa)
Louise Noelle Gras (Mexico)
Süha Özkan (Turkey)
Xing Ruan (China/Australia) Joseph Rykwert (USA/UK)
Assistant to the Jury
Trenton A. Sexton (USA)


The International Committee of Architectural Critics CICA has, since it was established in Mexico City in 1978, been closely associated with the World Congresses of the International Union of Architects.

The inaugural meeting of CICA was held in the Joan Miró Foundation in July 1979 when Julius Posener (Germany) was elected the first CICA President, with Bruno Zevi (Italy), Jorge Glusberg (Argentina), Dennis Sharp (UK) and Pierre Vago (France) as Directors.

The current President is Joseph Rykwert and CICA Board Members are François Chaslin (France), Manuel Cuadra (Germany), Louise Noelle Gras (Mexico), Süha Özkan (Turkey), and Yasmin Shariff (UK).

CICA has held critical sessions since, in Warsaw, Cairo, Brighton, Rome, Vienna, Chicago, Sydney, Barcelona, Istanbul, Montreal, Paris, New York, London, Gelsenkirchen, Beijing, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Kuwait, Vancouver, Istanbul, Torino, Tokyo, Durban and Seoul.

© 2023 International Committee of Architectural Critics – CICA – All rights reserved.

© 2023 International Committee of Architectural Critics – CICA – All rights reserved.