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Bylaws of the International Committee of Architectural Critics

1. The International Committee of Architectural Critics (CICA) is a non-profit association within the meaning of the Law of 1901 of the French Republic.

2. It has been established for an indefinite period of time.

3. Its headquarters shall be in Paris*. Its secretariat shall be in Buenos Aires**. It may be transferred to any other place by a resolution of the Board of Associate Directors.

4. The working languages of CICA shall be English, French and Spanish.

5. Membership of CICA shall be open to all persons without distinction of nationality, religion, age, sex, education or philosophical views who are engaged substantially and regularly in architectural criticism.

6. Every application for membership must be approved by the Executive Board and by the Board of Associate Directors by a majority of two-thirds of its members.

7. The members of CICA shall hold a General Meeting at least once every three years to set out the broad lines of action of the association, elect the Executive Boar and the Board of Associate Directors, and examine and accept the accounts and the two-year budget submitted by the Executive Board.

First meeting of CICA at the Instituto Joan Miró in Barcelona 1979. Jorge Glusberg, Pierre Vago, Julius Posener, Louise Noelle, Bruno Zevi and Elemer Nagy.

8. The Board of Associate Directors shall be composed of not more than 15 persons elected from among the members for a period of three years. It should include members from different parts of the world and should, as far as possible, reflect the composition of CICA’s membership. It shall meet at least once a year. Save in the case of the admission of new members, its resolutions shall be carried by a simple majority of votes. The members of the Executive Board shall attend the meetings of the Board of Associate Directors at which they shall be entitled to vote. The Executive Board shall be composed of  five members. It shall be the executive body of CICA. It shall appoint the President from among its members, and shall determine the responsibilities of each of the four directors: administration, financial matters, publications, external relations (particularly dealings with the International Union of Architects and international organisations). Its resolutions shall be carried  by a majority of four votes.

9. The funds of CICA shall be derived from grants and gifts accepted by the Executive Board, from the proceeds of its activities and from the subscriptions paid by its members. The budget, which shall be prepared by the Executive Board, shall be submitted by the Board of Associate Directors and voted on by the General Meeting.

10. Any amendment of the Bylaws, or the dissolution of the Association may only be decided upon by a majority of four-fifths of the voting members at a General Meeting specially convened for this purpose.

11. The International Regulations shall be adopted and may be completed and amended, by the Board.

* Reasons for the location of the CICA headquarters in Paris were the presence of the UIA headquarters and most of all the presence of Pierre Vago in the city, who from the beginning in 1978 and until his death was the heart of CICA.

** The location of the CICA Secretariat in Buenos Aires was related to Jorge Glusberg, who for more than three decades managed it bravely.

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© 2023 International Committee of Architectural Critics – CICA – All rights reserved.