CICA Conference CopenhagenDet Kongelige Akademi

1st and 2nd July 2023

General Information              

For the first in-person meeting after the pandemic, the International Committee of Architectural Critics is meeting in Copenhagen. To permit as many CICA members to participate, all events will be offered free of charge via Zoom too. Please use the following link:

Meeting ID: 849 1875 7465

Passcode: 974590

General Topic            

Goodbye to Consumer Culture – Learning from the Real World

Consumer Culture has run its destructive course in all fields of life, including conventional, northwestern hemispherical dominated, image mediated architecture. Like the devastating effects of the fashion clothing industry, in which destitute people – predominantly women and children – are exploited to produce unrealistically cheap garments for the spoilt mass consumers of the rich countries, so conventionally designed and produced architecture is still vying for media attention through what is considers to be «innovative» appearances.

In contrast to this part of the world, the real world has to make do with few resources. Alternative architectural practices are working mostly outside the lime lit centres of conspicuous consumption to create dignified environments for ordinary people, whether these be for the securing of clean water, universal education and health, or housing.

Often, these alternative architectural practices are also structured differently from the «named» offices. Intelligent use of scarce resources, regionally sources materials and the involvement of local skilled labour are rethought in innovative and appropriate forms and spaces. These are the case studies from the real world from which the «self-centered world» can and should learn.

Programme 1st July 2023   


Public Keynote Lecture

                                                Det Kongelige Akademi, Copenhagen

                                                Philip de Langes Allé 10


17:00                                        Welcome

                                                Prof. Dr. Morten Birk Jørgensen

                                                Det Kongelige Akademi

                                                General Introduction

                                                Prof. Dr. Louise Noelle Gras

                                                Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

                                                CICA Chair

                                                Introduction to Session 1

                                                Dr. h.c. Wilfried Wang

                                                CICA Board Member

                                                Public Keynote Lecture

                                                Just what is it that makes contemporary architecture so different, so appealing?

                                                Prof. Dr. Horacio Torrent
                                                Escuela de Arquitectura, Facultad de Arquitectura,                                                 Diseño y Estudios Urbanos
                                                Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

                                                CICA Member


                                                Moderator Dr. h.c. Wilfried Wang



Programme 2nd July 2023     

CICA Public Keynote Lectures and Discussion


                                                Philip de Langes Allé 10


14:00                                       Introduction to Session 2

                                                Dr. h.c. Wilfried Wang

                                                CICA Board Member

14:15                                        Keynote Lecture 1

                                                Consolation beyond comfort:

                                                How architecture can meet real needs

                                                Dr. Rasmus Wærn

                                                CICA Member

14:45                                        Keynote Lecture 2

                                                Building with nature:

                                                Down-to-earth contemporary architecture

                                                Prof. Dr. Li Xiangning

                                                Dean, College of Architecture and Urban Planning

                                                Tongji University, Shanghai

                                                CICA Board Member

15:15                                        Keynote Lecture 3

                                                Responsive design to climate and culture

                                                Prof. Dr. Ana Tostões


                                                Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade de Lisboa

CICA Member

16:00                                        Discussion

                                                Moderator Dr. h.c. Wilfried Wang

17:00                                        Reception

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