John McKean

John McKean is a Scottish architect, historian and critic living in England and Italy.

John McKean is a Scottish architect, historian and critic living in England and Italy.

He studied architecture in Glasgow where he was born, and the history and theory of architecture with Dalibor Vesely and Joseph Rykwert at Essex University. As a teacher, he ran studios in the architecture and interiors courses at East London (now UEL), North London (now London Met) and, since 1990, in Brighton. Prior to this he taught criticism at the Architectural Association, design history at Middlesex University, and architectural design in Colombo, Sri Lanka. For 12 years from 1996 he was Professor of Architecture at the University of Brighton, England.

He is the author of various award-winning books and many essays on architecture from classical Greece to today, but mostly his subjects were episodes in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century architectural design until he was commissioned a few years ago to produce a completely new scheme, and then text, for the a 21st Century version of the magisterial Banister Fletcher’s History of Architecture.

A regular critic over many years, he has published in The Architects’ Journal (where he was a technical and then news editor for some years), Architectural Design, The Architectural Review, Architèse, Building Design, Places, RIBA Journal, Spazio e Società. He has discussed architects and architecture on a range of BBC and Channel 4 TV programmes and on radio in Britain. More extensive information is found at

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‘Essex University: A Case Study’ (1972) To be an Architectural Press book in 1971, but subsequently published as a special issue of The Architects’ Journal (20.8.1972) in a 30,000 word condensed version.

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