Who’s Who in CICA

Welcome to the International Committee of Architectural Critics CICA, which brings together critics, theorists and historians from all over the world.

Photo: Ricardo Gómez Ángel / Unsplash

Who is who in CICA

Joseph Rykwert

Louise Noelle

Manuel Cuadra
Secretary General

François Chaslin
Manuel Cuadra
Louise Noelle
Süha Özkan
Yasmin Shariff
Jennifer Taylor

The President, the Chairman, the Secretary General and the Directors of CICA will be glad to attend to any request. Please contact them using the email-addresses indicated here or write directly to:

Prof. Dr. Manuel Cuadra Architekt BDA a.o.
Lehrstuhl Geschichte der gebauten Umwelt / Architekturgeschichte
Universität Kassel
Henschelstrasse 2
34109 Kassel

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