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11th International docomomo conference
Living in the Urban Modernity

Mexico City, August 19-27, 2010


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The rapid growth of urban areas from cities to metropolis in the twentieth century created a favorable environment for establishing a discourse on modern architecture. The advancement of technology and the introduction of new materials, which brought about new forms of expression, were not the only triggers for transformation. Concerns for wellbeing, such as hygiene, education, health, leisure and the right to work were also fundamental in shaping buildings and cities, leading to innovative architectural proposals within the framework of a diverse urban structure.

Mexico City offers a clear example of life in a metropolis. During the past century its limits expanded in such a way it became one of the largest urban conglomerations in the world and served as a fertile field for the development of modern architectural typologies.

For the 2010 Docomomo Conference, Docomomo Mexico proposes to analyze the different elements that transformed the city and its architecture.

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