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CICA Book and Journal Awards 2005


The International Committee of Architectural Critics announce the winning entries for the CICA Awards 2005. 


Bruno Zevi CICA Book Award 2005
Vesely, Dalibor: Architecture in the Age of Divided Representation
(MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2004)
Citation: The product of a lifetime’s work and thought Dr Vesely’s intense, scholarly and didactic study is a major contribution to architectural theory, history and criticism.


Steinmann, Martin: Forme forte: Ecrits/Schriften 1972-2002
(Birkhäuser, Basel, 2003; edited by Jacques Lucan & Bruno Marchand)
Citation: A compilation of articles and essays in French and German from the distinguished professor at the ETH Lausanne who for a number of years was editor of Archithèse, Zurich. The volume covers many aspects of recent architecture in Switzerland and some sharp criticism of individual buildings.


Pierre Vago CICA Award 2005
Architectural Review. London Vol CCXVII No1297, March 2005 Special Issue: ‘Davey Reflects’
Citation: The CICA Pierre Vago magazine award goes this year to the Architectural Review’s dedicated issue to its former distinguished editor, Peter Davey. A microcosm of tendencies, styles and attitudes covering three decades shows Davey’s wide understanding of national and international concerns in architecture. It provides many examples of his robust writing style and highly perceptive and constructive critical attitude.


Metalocus. Madrid, Spain Nos 11-16, 2003-5
Citation: An enterprising small format international magazine venture. It features a lively colourful content raising controversy, dispute and envy as well as admiration for the editor’s selective ingenuity and passion.


Julius Posener CICA Exhibition Catalogue Award 2005
Bednarek, Nicola (Ed): Cruelty and Utopia: Cities and Landscapes of Latin America
(Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2003)
Citation: Cruauté & utopie, villes et paysage d’Amérique latine was first published in French by the International Centre for Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape, Brussels, 2003. This splendidly produced English translation of the original French language exhibition catalogue by Jean-François Lejeune has been edited for the Princeton Architectural Press, New York. A diverse collection of well illustrated essays it explores the unique history of Latin American metropolis. Contrasting the master works of architects such as Bar
ragán, Costa and Villanueva with the ‘cruel beauty’ of the favelas.


Scalbert, Iréneé: A Right to Difference: The Architecture of Jean Renaudie
(AA, London 2004)
Citation: This comprehensive and original catalogue on the housing work of French architect Jean Renaudie accompanied a fine exhibition of his work at the Architectural Association, London in 2004. It is supported by a perceptive critical essay by the curator.


Chairman’s Special CICA Book Award 2005
Weber, Heidi: Le Corbusier: The Graphic Work
(Birkhäuser, Basel 2004 (2nd Revised Edition) ISBN 3-7643-7225-7)
Citation: One of Le Corbusier’s (1887-1965) last works was the design of the ‘Centre Le Corbusier – Museum Heidi Weber’ in Zurich (dedicated in 1967). The centre houses a unique collection of Le Corbusier’s paintings, drawings, sculptures and publications. Ms Weber had begun collecting, exhibiting and selling Le Corbusier’s paintings and drawings during the last years of his life and published beautifully produced limited editions. Birkhäuser have recently reissued further limited editions of these exceptionally fine books keeping alive the extensive artistic oeuvre of Le Corbusier.


CICA Awards 2005 International Jury
Joseph Rykwert
François Chaslin

Louise Noelle
Geoffrey Broadbent
Dennis Sharp (Jury Chairman)

11 July 2005


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