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Architectural Journalism and Criticism


The International Committee of Architectural Critics organises together with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, the Kuwait Society of Engineers and the Kuwait League of Architects the seminar "Architectural Journalism and Criticism". It will take place on 6th & 7th December 2005 in Kuwait City.




6th December 2005, Tuesday


Seminar Opening

Süha Özkan, Secretary General, Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Osama Al-Duaij, Organizing Committee, Middle East Architecture Forum, Kuwait

Luay Ahmad Al-Saleh, Chairman, Kuwait League of Architects

Adel A. Al-Khurafi, Chairman, Kuwait Society of Engineers


10h30  Opening Address

Joseph Rykwert, President CICA - International Committee of Architectural Critics


11h00  13h30 
Session I:  History, Context, and Role


The history of criticism in architecture; the role, context and purpose of architectural criticism; types of criticism and critics; the role of critics in architectural journals and international and national newspapers and magazines.


Dennis Sharp, Vice President CICA - International Committee of Architectural Critics


Nader Ardalan, Architect, Kuwait/Iran

François Chaslin, Critic, France

Rowan Moore, Director, The Architecture Foundation, UK

Sarita Vijayan, Editor, Indian Architect and Builder, India


Darab Diba, Editor, Architecture and Urbanism, Iran

Müge Cengizkan, Editor, Mimarlik, Turkey

Jorge Glusberg, Director, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Buenos Aires

Murtuza Shikoh, Editor, ArchiTimes and A + I, Pakistan

Budi Sukada, Editor, IAI Journal, Indonesia


Report: Peter Davey, former Editor, Architectural Review, UK


13h30  15h00 
Session II: Nature of Architectural Criticism


The nature of architectural criticism; attitudes to and implications of architectural criticism (i.e., objectivity, subjectivity, intuitive, opinionated, promotional, etc.)


Chair: Hani Rashid, Architect, USA; member of the 2007 Award Steering Committee



Kamran Afshar Naderi, Critic, Memar, Iran

Ali Cengizkan, Editor, METU Journal, Turkey

Luis Fernández-Galiano, Architectural Critic, El País, Spain

Louise Noelle Gras, CICA - International Committee of Architectural Critics, Mexico



Jose Lluis Hortet, Director, Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona

Suneet Paul, Editor, A+D, India

Jean-Michel Place, Publisher, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, France



Robert Ivy, Editor, Architectural Record, USA



7th December 2005, Wednesday


09h30  11h00 

Session III: Architects & Architectural Criticism


Links between the architectural profession and criticism; processes and intellectual pathways leading to the promotion of new values and the validation of "good" architecture; the role of architectural journals in this process.



Romi Khosla, Architect, New Delhi



Trevor Boddy, Architectural Critic, Canada

Hussain Mousa Dashti, College of Engineering, Kuwait University

Ingeborg Flagge, Architectural Critic and Curator, Germany

Andreas Ruby & Ilka Ruby, Critics, Cornell University, USA/Germany

Tarek Mohamed Abdelfatteh, Al-Benna, Saudi Arabia
Omar Akbar, Bauhaus Foundation; member 2007 Award Steering Committee
Mouhsen Maksoud,  Editor, Architectural Creations, Syria
Dina Sattarova, Editor, Design and New Architecture, Tatarstan, Russian Federation
Yasmin Shariff, University of Westminster, UK

Mohammad Al-Asad, Director, Centre for the Study of the
Built Environment, Jordan

11h00  13h30 
Session IV:  Photography, Media, and Publications

Architectural criticism and the role of media and photography (e.g. architecture on television, film, and Internet.) The future of architectural criticism in publications (i.e., critical books for instruction, education, and/or general readership); architectural and technical journals; monographs; marketing; vanity publications, design manuals, etc.

Dogan Hasol, Editor, Yapi, Turkey

Mohammad Abdelbaki, Alem al-Bena, Egypt
Aydan Balamir, METU, Turkey
Mojtaba Sadria, Philosopher, Japan and Iran; member of
the 2007 Award Steering Committee
Nobuyuki Yoshida, Editor, A+U and Japan Architect, Japan

Kamran Adle, Editor, Iranian Journal of Architecture,
Ole Bouman, Architectural Critic, Volume, The Netherlands
Manuel Cuadra, CICA - International Committee of Architectural Critics, Germany
Timur Turekulov, Editor, Kumbez, Kazakhstan

Michael Sorkin, Architect, Planner and Critic, USA

14h00  15h00
Session V:  Discussion and Seminar Closing

Jassim M. Oabazard, Deputy Chairman, Kuwait Society of

Discussion: Comments, remarks, and suggestions for the future

Adel A. Al-Khurafi, Chairman, Kuwait Society of Engineers
üha Özkan, Aga Khan Award for Architecture

15h00  End of sessions and seminar


November 2005


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