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Other Ways for Architecture to Create a Better Future

CICA recognizes that the political, social and environmental pressures we face today in a globalising world requires urgent and effective action.

CICA is concerned about the absence of theory and the consequent anarchy of practice that is leading to speculative/political ambition grafted on a financial systems which the architect is called to ratify.

In the words of our President, Joseph Rykwert, “what we need now more than ever is a practical rationality to criticize our present conditions and to help us navigate through it.” (2014, RIBA Gold Medal Lecture, London)

Especially here, in the context of the struggles overcome by South Africa, and in the spirit of the UIA, there is a need to request action to help others. We call on all architects to come together to demolish walls of hate and war, and build an infrastructure of peace and prosperity for all.

CICA recognises that the participation of professional institutes and the need for them to work collaboratively and with integrity is the key to success.

Louise Noelle Gras, Chair
UIA Durban, 4th August, 2014


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