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XV International Biennial of Architecture of Buenos Aires BA15

The XV International Biennial of Architecture of Buenos Aires - BA15 to be held at the Centro Cultural Recoleta. The lectures will take place from 8 to 11 of September 2015, and the exhibition of works will take place from 5 to 27 of September 2015.
In its last edition, the space, the content of the exhibitions, the level of the speakers and the audience response coexisted altogether. The Centro Cultural Recoleta, under the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, allowed hosting the largest exhibition that the Biennial has had in its 30 years in 14 rooms, where works of architecture, design, urbanism and art from more than 20 countries were exhibited, including also the winners of the ten contests that were held. More than 900 professional architects from Argentina and other American countries lived four intensive days of lectures, in a kind of theoretical marathon, with more than 50 presentations and panel discussions. Architects and students, as well as people from the culture of the country, were aware of an unusual phenomenon –the enormous and undeniable call that architectural production between Argentine architects has.

The Biennial brought together world-famous figures, including: Thom Mayne and Richard Meier (USA) Oriol Bohigas, Jaume Bach, Manolo Núñez-Yanowsky and Joseph Botey (Barcelona), Joseph Kleihues and Wilhem Kucker (Germany) Jaime Lerner, Luiz Paulo Conde, Ruy Ohtake and Paulo Mendes da Rocha (Brazil), Rudy Ricciotti, Adrien Fainsilber and Jean Nouvel (France), Mario Bellini, Vico Magistretti and Franco Purini (Italy), Germán Samper and Laureano Forero (Colombia), Mario Botta, Aurelio Galfetti and Luigi Snozzi (Switzerland) Dan Hanganu (Canada) Michael Wilford, Richard Rogers, Norman Forster, Joseph Rickwert and Dennis Sharp (UK), Richard England (Malta) Hans Hollein León Krier and Wolf Prix (Austria), Charles Correa (India), Alexander Kudryavtsev (Russia), Byeong Joon Kang and Kim Junsung (Korea), Arata Isozaki, Kurokawa, Kiyonuri Kikutake and Toyo Ito (Tokyo), Abraham Zabludovsky, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Enrique Norten, Agustín Hernández and Teodoro González de León (Mexico), Zaha Hadid (Irak-UK), Zvi Hecker and Ram Karmi (Israel), Herman Hertzberger (Holland), Einar Jarmund (Norway), Alan Mee (Irland), Bernardo Fort Brescia (Peru-USA), Alberto campo Baeza, Rafael de la Hoz (Spain), Javier Sanchez (Mexico), Alejandro Aravena (Chile), Solano Benitez (Paraguay), Bruno Zevi (Italy), and among Argentinians, Mario Roberto Alvarez, Justo Solsona and Cesar Pelli, Rodolfo Machado, and Ignacio Dahl Rocha who live abroad.

The Centro de Arte y Comunicación (CAYC) and Pichon Riviere & Diaz Bobillo Consultores (PR&DB) are in charge of the organization of the event. The Steering Committee is composed of Roberto Converti, Enrique Cordeyro, Juan Carlos Fervenza, Carlos L. Dibar, Miguel Jurado, Daniel Muñiz, Matias Glusberg, Enrique Pichon-Rivière and Carlos Sallaberry (Director).



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