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The universal and the particular in contemporary architecture

The International Committee of Architectural Critics, CICA, the Tongji University, Shanghai, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, School of Architecture and Art, and the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season, SUSAS, bring together 17 architectural critics from all continents to discuss in Shanghai and Hangzhou the state of contemporary architecture in a global context.

The participants include the CICA members Axel Sowa from Germany/France, Karen Eicker from South Africa, Li Xiangning from China, Manuel Cuadra from Germany/Peru, Ruan Xing from Australia/China, Ruth Verde Zein from Brazil, Şengül Gür from Turkey, and Trevor Boddy from Canada. From Asia, Korea will be represented by Pai Hyungmin, Japan by Arata Isosaki, and China by Wang Shu, Ge Ming, Lu Yongyi, Wang Junyang, Zhou Rong, Jin Qiuye, and Liu Chen.

"Beyond Orient and Occident" has been curated by Manuel Cuadra and Li Xiangning.


11 December, 2015
Tongji University, Shanghai
College of Architecture and Urban Planning, CAUP, Bell Auditorium

09:00 Opening
Li Zhenyu, Zhi Wenjun, Manuel Cuadra

09:30 Identity vs. Identification - The Architecture of the Human Condition
Manuel Cuadra

Li Xiangning

Pai Hyungmin

Shanghai Urban Space Art Season, SUSAS
The West Bund, Auditorium

14:00 Opening
Li Xiangning

14:15 Culture and the Form of Tectonics
Arata Isozaki

15:45 Plan Magazine Special Session
Liu Xiaodu

16:25 Volvo Session: Future of Driving
Jonathan Disley, Desmet Sven

16:45 A New Vision for the City: Architecture, Urbanism, and Mobility
Moderator: Li Xiangning
Panelists: Liu Xiaodu, Wang Shu, Carlotta Zucchini, Jonathan Disley

13 December, 2015
China Academy of Art, CAA, Hangzhou
School of Architecture and Art, Auditorium

08:50 Opening
Zhuo Min

09:00 Australia
Ruan Xing

09:45 Near Orient: Turkey
Şengül Gür

10:45 Africa: South Africa
Karen Eicker

11:30 Europe: France
Axel Sowa

13:30 Latin America: Brazil
Ruth Verde Zein

14:15 Anglo America: Canada
Trevor Boddy

15:00 Europe: Germany
Manuel Cuadra

15:20 Closing Speech
Zhuo Min

14 December, 2015
Tongji University, Shanghai
College of Architecture and Urban Planning, CAUP, Bell Auditorium

13:30 Opening
Li Xiangning, China

13:45 Lu Yongyi, China

14:05 Wang Junyang, China

14:25 Ge Ming, China

14:45 Jin Qiuye, China

15:05 Zhou Rong, China

15:25 Liu Chen, China

16:00 Panel Discussion
Moderator: Manuel Cuadra
Panelists: Axel Sowa, Karen Eicker, Li Xiangning, Ruan Xing, Ruth Verde Zein, Şengül Gür, Trevor Boddy

17:20 Concluding Remarks
Manuel Cuadra

17:30 End


The admission to all events is free.


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