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Roberto Segre


The architect Roberto Segre was born in Italy in 1934, lived in Argentina until the age of 23, and lived in Cuba for 30 other years. In 1994, he came to Brazil as Professor of PROURB/UFRJ (Postgraduate Studies in Urbanism/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). He is Doctor of Regional and Urban Planning by IPPUR/UFRJ (Institute for Urban and Regional Planning and Research/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Brazil, and Doctor of Arts and Sciences by the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana, Cuba.

Segre has received several awards, including: the “Joaquín E. Weiss” Architecture Criticism Award for the set of books written on Cuban architecture, Havana, Cuba (1988); Gold Medal for the book Arquitectura y Urbanismo de los Siglos XIX y XX. Países Desarrollados, at the Interarch/Biennial of Architecture, Sofia, Bulgaria (1989); Critics Award, Cuban Science Academy and Cuban Book Institute, for the book Arquitectura y Urbanismo de la Revolución Cubana, Havana, Cuba (1989); Honors Award at the VIII Biennal of Architecture in Quito for the book América Latina Fim de Milênio. Raíces e Perspectivas da sua Arquitetura, Quito, Ecuador (1992); Möbius-Brazil Award, with the CD-ROM team on the Havana colonial city, PROURB, Rio de Janeiro (1997); Republican Museum Award with the CD-ROM team on the Rio de Janeiro city, PROURB, Rio de Janeiro (1998); Outstanding Academic Books Award for the book Havana. Two Faces of the Antillean Metropolis, United States (2000).

Principal publications
Diez años de arquitectura en Cuba revolucionaria, Havana, Cuba; Barcelona, Spain and Padua, Italy (2 editions), 1970
Transformación urbana en Cuba: La Habana (Edit.) Barcelona, 1974
América Latina en su arquitectura (Edit.) UNESCO, Mexico City (1975) (8 editions)
Latin America on its Architecture, UNESCO, New York (1982)
Las estructuras ambientales en América Latina, Mexico City and Havana (1977)
El diseño ambiental en la era de la industrialización (La progettazione ambientale nell’era della industrializzazione) in collaboration with Fernando Salinas, Havana, Cuba (1972), Palermo, Italy (1980)
Crítica Arquitectónica, in collaboration with Eliana Cárdenas, Havana (1980), Quito, Ecuador (1984)
Cittá e territorio nell’America Latina reedited in Cuba under the title
Arquitectura y sociedad en América Latina in collaboration with Rafael López Rangel, Milan (1982), Havana (1985)
Evolución de la vivienda en Cuba: República y Revolución, Mexico City (1980), Havana (1985)
Arquitectura, Historia y Revolución, Guadalajara, Mexico (1982)
Arquitectura y Urbanismo Modernos. Siglos XIX y XX. Capitalismo y Socialismo, Madrid (1985), Havana (1987)
Caos urbano y nuevas tendencias en la arquitectura latinoamericana, in collaboration with Rafael López Rangel, Mexico City (1986)
Arquitectura y urbanismo de la Revolución cubana, São Paulo (1987), Havana (1990)
Lectura Crítica del Entorno Cubano, Havana (1990)
América Latina fim de Milênio. Raízes e perspectivas da sua arquitetura, São Paulo (1991)
Historia de la arquitectura y del arte del Barroco europeo, Havana (1995)
Havana. Two Faces of the Antillean Metropolis, in collaboration with Mario Coyula and Joseph Scarpaci, Chichester (1997) Chapel Hill (2002)
Ruy Ohtake. Contemporaneidade da arquitetura brasileira, São Paulo (1999)
Habitat Latino-Americano. Fogo e sombra; opulência e precariedade, Porto Alegre (1999)
Arquitectura en la ciudad de La Habana. Primera Modernidad, in collaboration with Carlos Sambricio, Madrid, 2000
Guia da Arquitetura Moderna no Rio de Janeiro (Introduction), Rio de Janeiro, 2000
João Diniz. Arquitetura, Belo Horizonte, 2002
Contemporary Brazilian Architecture, Rio de Janeiro, 2003
Arquitectura Antillana del Siglo XX, Bogotá - La Habana, 2003

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