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Prof. Dr. Sengül Öymen GÜR

Dr. Gür, a graduate of Ankara College (TED-1964), Karadeniz Technical University (KTU-1970), Trabzon, Turkey, and the University of Pennsylvania, USA (Ph.D-1978), is currently the professor of Architectural Design (since 1989) and is the head of Building Sciences in the Faculty of Architecture (KTU), where in addition to conducting design studios, she offers courses on Behavioral Issues in Environmental Design for the undergraduates, and Architectural Theories and Principles, Architectural Criticism, Environmental Research Methods, Spatial Organization, and Housing Question for the graduates, and supervises doctoral and master’s theses. She organizes LIVENARCH (Livable Environments and ARCHitecture) International Congresses in Architecture. She lectures at national universities, and abroad.

She also acts as an advisor to governmental institutions and has worked as a member of the State Housing Committee responsible for the planning of the Seventh 5-year Development Plan of Turkey.

Dr. Gür who is included in the Directory of Environment-Behavior-Design Researchers and is a member of several professional associations such as CICA, DRS (Design Research Society), Turkish Chamber of Architects and WA (World Architecture Community) and an intermittent member of IAPS, CIB W84, IAHS, Heritage, etc. She also supports non-professional associations (Governor’s Human Rights Committee of Trabzon, Turkish Women’s Association Trabzon Section). She is the honorary member of BTI (Bund Türkischer Ingenieure und Akademiker e.V).

She has served as the editor of Mimarl
ik (the periodical of Turkish Chamber of Architects) between 1988 and 1992 and is presently the editor of the scientific periodical of the Anatolian University (Eskisehir, Turkey), editor in chief of the Educational Technology (Istanbul) and the editor’s aide of YAPI (a renowned Turkish architectural periodical). She also serves as the editor of E-books and the regional editor of World Architecture.

She did research for the DPT (State Planning Organization of Turkey), for TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Organization of Turkey), Turkish Ministry of Culture and Karadeniz Technical University. She is the architect of the Business Administration Building (KTU, Trabzon) and the Sports, Recreation and Social Facilities Complex of the School of Education (KTU, Trabzon), School for the Blind (Trabzon) among others which are mainly residential.

She is the author of 14 books and about two hundred and fifty articles and papers communicated at national and international platforms. Among her major books are Social Interactions and Architectural Design: A Method of Approach to the Evaluation and Design of Communal Spaces, KTU Dept, of Architecture, No: 27, Trabzon, 1985; Spatial Organization, Trabzon, Gür yay
incilik, 1996; House Culture: The Case of Eastern Black Sea Region, Yapi Endüstri Merkezi (YEM), Istanbul, 2000; with T. Zorlu , Spaces For Children, Yapi Endüstri Merkezi (YEM), Istanbul,  2002. She has contributed to many book parts outstanding of which are  “Construction of Criticism in Architecture: Perspective, Truth, Method and Principle” in Theory and Criticism, Hüseyin Su (ed.), Ankara: Hece, 2004, pp: 211-262; “Eastern Black Sea House”, Rural Architecture in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Milli Reasürans Publications, Amelie Edgü  (curator), 2005, pp:162-212; “Like an Adventure in Linguistics: A Look into Building Typologies and their History in the Kars-Ardahan Region”, Architecture in Northeastern Anatolia, Murat Ural and Figen Kuzucu (Eds.), Milli Reasürans, 2009, pp.181-207; “Behind the Mountains of Yalnizçam” Architecture in Northeastern Anatolia, Murat Ural and Figen Kuzucu (Eds.), Milli Reasürans, 2009, pp.207-252, etc.

She is awarded with the Fulbright Scholarship between 1972 and 1977; and by the DAAD in 2002 and again in 2008. She is the holder of many honor plates and prizes: she has been awarded by TÜB
ITAK and KTU for several of her publications and is the winner of Research Excellence Award for 2008, launched by Architectural Foundation of Turkey by her work in collaboration with A. Bekleyen: “The Failure of Man-Environment Studies In Influencing Design Decisions”,  Places People and Sustainability, People and Places, G. Moser, Y. Bernard, M. Bonnes, J. Corraliz, and V. Giuliani (Eds) Göttingen, Germany, Hogrefe and Huber, 2002, pp. 94-106.

She is married and has two children.


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