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International Committee of Architectural Critics
Comité Internacional de Críticos de Arquitectura



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Founding Statement
of the International Committee of Architectural Critics


1. We believe that collaboration and dialogue between the architectural profession and architectural critics should be organised on a permanent basis within the framework of the UIA.

2. We believe that criticism and evaluation should be recognised as a part of the architectural process, from the program stage through to the final design details. Architectural criticism is no longer to be conceived as a tribunal where the critics are judges and the architects are judged and often blamed. Architectural criticism has a wider and more important role than this.

3. We wish to emphasise that economic, technological and socio-cultural considerations alone will not create an architecture that possesses all the values which are vital to society. A better quality of life, creative power and the expression of the individual and collective imagination are also needed.

We believe that the role of the architectural critic is not only to recognise and select, but to encourage such creativity in the face of bureaucratic restrictions and academic taboos.

Bruno Zevi (Italy)
Max Blumenthal (France)
Louise de Mereles (Mexico)
Mildred Schmertz (USA)
Blake Huges (USA)
Jorge Glusberg (Argentina)

Mexico City, 26 October 1978

On top:
UIA Congress Mexico 1978. Foundation of CICA. From left to right: Bruno Zevi, Pierre Vago, Louise Noelle, Peter Huges and Jorge Glusberg.


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